BentoYa Cooking Class: Vegan and Gluten-free Ramen & Gyoza

Today I participated in a vegan and gluten-free cooking class. We made vegan tantan men and gyoza.
The event was hosted by BentoYa, a small company run by 3 Japanese women, which focuses on vegan cooking classes in English.

The event was held about 5 minutes walk from Yotsuya station. The atmosphere was  friendly and I enjoyed chatting with the other participants. Rina and Akiko our two hosts were super lovely as well. All the participants were handed a nicely designed easy to understand printout which included today’s recipe as well as a shopping guide for the ingredients and some more information useful to vegans in Tokyo. They then introduced us to the products we were going to use that day.


We started out making gyoza. Folding them right way was quite hard. But they also had a gyoza pressing machine which did the folding for you for the very clumsy. We made the dipping sauce as well using gluten-free soy sauce (tamari). We filled them with soy meat and quinoa.





After that came the vegan ramen. We made tan tan men with a sesame soy based broth. Our teachers made sure all of the participants got a turn stirring the big pot. We added gluten free noodles and topped everything off with delicious fresh vegetables and more soy meat.



After we were done with the cooking we all sat down to enjoy our meal together. Everything tasted delightful and I cannot wait to try copying these recipes at home.

The classes are usually 7.500yen but this time we got 50% off since they wanted to take promotional picture of the class for their homepage.  If you are interest in participating check out BentoYa’s facebook page and homepage for more information. They also have some events in the Kansai and Tohoku region.

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